What is Zipit?

Thrills await high among the treetops at Zipit in Dublin, Cork and Roscommon.

Discover your wild side in our treetop high ropes parks, with fun and excitement for all the family. Our courses are built in a natural forest setting, offering the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – immerse yourself in nature in the breathtaking Irish countryside.

Zipit’s fun-packed circuits include zip lines, swinging logs, cargo nets and rope bridges. You can enjoy thrills high above the ground with the most up to date safety equipment to ensure you get the most out of your visit. Come as a family, come on your own, or bring along a group. There is no better endorsement than the families, school tours, corporate outings and youth groups that return to us year on year.

All instructors are ERCA certified and operate to the highest safety standards at all times. Each Zipit session lasts three hours and includes the completion of a safety briefing.

Circuits can be completed at your own pace, with all the family able to participate at the lower levels. Circuits are age dependent and children must be supervised by an adult, either participating or from the ground.

You only pay if you wear a harness.

Zipit courses are designed to be fun, challenging and perfect for anyone looking for adventure in the great outdoors. You don’t need to be an expert or fully-fledged adrenaline junkie and all circuits are designed and operated to the highest safety standards

So come on…. branch out and enjoy the high life at Zipit!

What Makes Us Unique?

We build all our courses in Coillte forestry, with every activity starting and finishing at a tree. There are no concrete structures or wooden poles in sight. We ensure minimum impact to the forest park. Our whole activity could be dismantled, leaving the forest undamaged. We look after our trees, and the platforms are built to allow the tree to continue growing. Activities can be changed and trees rested, whenever inspections request it.

It’s non-stop fun and adventure once you take your feet off the ground.

Zipit Forest Adventures Vision

Our vision is to re-introduce adventure to participants whilst challenging and motivating them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. Since the Covid Pandemic, being outdoors is the new staying in! We are delighted to see the growing appreciation of our natural countryside and to be part of the exciting expansion of recreational opportunities that are available across the country.

Circuit Types

Not sure what to expect? Take a look at our go-pro views of the Lough Key Circuits from 2020. All parks have similar activities but we work with nature to give the trees a rest so experiences may vary from season to season.



With platforms starting at just 1 metre high, this is aimed at the younger children, but it is also great for families with younger children to complete together. Little ones aged 7 to 8 can repeat the circuit (under supervision), but they cannot move on a higher level, even if they “are like a monkey”!


With platforms up to 4 metres high, this circuit is for children aged 9 or more and it is a great confidence-builder for adults facing their fear of heights for the first time.


Going as high as 10 metres in places, the White circuit is slightly harder and higher than the Orange. Just like the Orange circuit, it has a minimum age of 9. For adults, looking to warm up for the Blue and Red circuits, this is a good starting point.


If you are aged 12 or more, then it’s onwards and upwards to our longest Blue circuit, with heights up to 15 metres and lots of zipwires. This one takes a while, but there are a couple of ‘short cuts’ if your time is limited or you don’t think your energy levels will last until the end.


If you still feel you have room for more adrenaline (and a little fear!) then age 15+ can move on to the Red circuit – a real challenge requiring major energy and upper body strength. For those of you who are thrill-seekers, ask our Instructors for tips on how to make your experience even more extreme, as you base jump from 15-20 metres!


Included in your time is the Safety Briefing. A 30-45 minute demonstration and practice circuit, explaining how to use the safety harnesses. After a short talk by the Instructor, you then complete a small circuit under Instructor supervision, to ensure you can independently and safely continue on the circuits.

Circuit Challenges

Just a glimpse of some of the activities you may experience at our parks. 5 circuits, start low and move to higher and harder, from 1 – 20 metres (children limited by age).


Climb high and feel electric! (Zipit Farran Park)


Take a walk in the sky! (Zipit Lough Key)


Ever want to join the circus?… test your tightrope skills! (Zipit Tibradden Wood)


Can you stay in a straight line…? (Zipit Lough Key)


Can you make it to the top? (Zipit Lough Key)


Feel the fear and jump! (Zipit Lough Key)


Across you go… Can you make it? (Zipit Lough Key)


Feel like you’re floating on air! (Zipit Tibradden Wood)


Take a big step! (Zipit Tibradden Wood)


I… think you can do it! (Zipit Lough Key)


Channel your inner animal instincts! (Zipit Lough Key)


Surf a different swell! (Zipit Farran Park)


Ribbit over these Lilypads! (Zipit Lough Key)


Zip through the trees! (Zipit Lough Key)


Highest Safety Standards

All participants are fitted with a safety harness and complete a safety briefing and training circuit with an instructor. Our experienced instructors are always close by to offer support and guidance during your Zipit experience. Our Instructors are located on the ground around the park, and if at any point you do not want to go any further on a circuit, an instructor will be there to offer guidance or bring you back to the ground safely. It is important to read the signs at the start of each activity.


Our French construction crew have built more than 90 courses worldwide, including parks in Europe, the West Indies and South Korea. The platforms are built around trees at various heights (ranging from 2 metres to 20 metres off the ground) and connected with a range of activities to allow the participant move from one tree to another. The construction company adheres to EN 15567-1 Sports and recreational facilities – Ropes courses – Part 1: Construction and Safety Requirements.

Governing Body

Zipit Forest Adventures is a member of the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) and adheres to EN 15567-2 Sports and recreational facilities – Ropes courses – Part 2: Operation Requirements.

Operation Requirements

This European Standard applies to the operation of ropes courses and specifies the operational requirements to ensure an appropriate level of safety and service when used for either recreation, training, education or therapeutic purposes.

Safety Harness

Our harness design protects you from accidentally unclipping from the circuit, ensuring that your safety is paramount.

High Ropes Training

All of our Instructors are European Rope Course Association (ERCA) trained with the following certifications

    • ERCA Instructor Training.
    • ERCA Site Specific Rescue Training


ERCA Training is undertaken by either our own staff who have been trained as a Trainer or an external UK specialist company. All final assessments and certifications are undertaken by the external company.

Additional Training

  • First Aid with CPR.
  • Manual Handling.
  • CliC-It Lanyard Maintenance Training.
  • Maintenance Training.

Staff Assessments

Regular staff assessments are performed, assessing instructor abilities, rescue techniques and delivery of safety instructions.

Working with Children

All our staff have undertaken an on-line child protection course and are garda vetted.

Customer Safety

We have a policy of informing participants of the nature of risk associated with our activities through our Waiver and safety rules.

Our Safety Briefing (approx. 45 minutes) is carried out by our qualified instructors and is mandatory for all customers wishing to participate on our courses. Our instructors monitor customers completing the Safety Briefing circuit and are patrolling throughout the park should any assistance be needed during your visit.

Our minimum age requirement is strictly enforced. All children under 18 must be supervised by an adult, either participating or on the ground.

Through strict adherence to the ERCA requirements and continual investment in the most current Personal Protective Equipment we are confident that all risks are minimised. Our advanced safety harnesses ensure that customers are always connected to our safety system whilst traversing the treetop activities.

Safety Checks


  • Instructors navigate each circuit every morning before opening, as if they were a customer. They digitally sign a spreadsheet to confirm the circuit has been checked and this is then digitally signed by the Duty Manager who notes and addresses any issues.


  • Completed before and after every use by the instructors whose names are logged and checked by the Duty Manager who signs off. Any harnesses which do not pass the highest standard safety checks are put out of service. An annual inspection is also carried out in accordance with EN15567-2.

Rescue Bags

  • All equipment inside our Rescue Bags are regularly checked and devices function tested.


  • Our Instructors check the course equipment thoroughly to identify and address any issues. These checks are in addition to the daily checks.

Site Assessment

  • Performed as required, primarily during peak season. This is a general assessment of the site by the Operations Manager including safety checks and instructor performance.

Annual Checks

Arboriculturist Check

  • Completed annually or as required, checking the health and suitability of the trees on the course by a European specialist company.

Course Check

  • A European Specialist company annually checks the structural elements of the course.

Course Safety Equipment

  • Fallstops and Base Jumps are serviced by the manufacturer or a service provider trained by the manufacturer.